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Estate and Appraisal Services


For forty years, Doyle New York's Estate and Appraisal Services Department has worked with banks and law firms, trust and estate professionals, heirs, and private clients across the nation providing our comprehensive appraisal and auction services. Our thorough, well-researched fair market appraisals have earned Doyle a solid reputation for professionalism, integrity and service throughout the United States.

Doyle New York offers a full range of expert appraisal services, specializing in providing timely formal appraisals for estate tax and probate purposes. Our renowned team of specialists and our professional staff bring years of experience to each appraisal. Full color digital photographs may be included in the appraisal in order to make each object easily identifiable. Depending on the location, we are happy to provide, at no charge, a preliminary walk-through examination to determine approximate costs and special needs.



Doyle New York will prepare a customized proposal tailored to the specific property under consideration for auction, including a commission and fee structure developed to maximize returns to consignors. We may also make an outright purchase offer on individual items or entire estates. As part of our focus on comprehensive estate liquidation, we offer our unique "Broomclean Service" – our own trucks and crew will transport the fine property to Doyle, remove remaining items, and leave the premises "broomclean."